Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Amazing uptake level!

I wasn't sure anyone would be interested in this blog or my python progs - but it seems I am wrong and even my early stage experiments are attracting some interest!  Someone has even gone as far as using my code as the basis for making a cup of tea:

Which perhaps isn't the most exciting video in the world! But I'm feeling good that my code has helped someone else have some fun!  So if the code is helping you send my your videos, suggestions for improvement, feature requests or just let me know what you are up to!   Oh - and I also want to hear your bugs as I've only got time for very limited testing.


  1. Maybe not bloody exciting but it makes a decent cuppa! And my GF and I had fun making it work, so thanks again!

    Re bugs: had to do some fiddling to get the last release working due to the absence of resetarm.dat
    Ended up commenting out the lines that looked to read it and then writing one once the program ran.

    Might be worth a bit more of an explanation? Not that I dare complain.

    Tossing around GUI ideas in my head at the moment: a record button would be useful.

  2. Hi Skimitar,

    thanks for the feedback. With regard the resetarm.dat file, I should have posted a "sample" as a starting point - but forgot! I'll do it later. I think the easiest way to create it though might be to run it with -z option first (from memory it doesn't read before it writes (but I'll check)).

    Instead of doing any significant development tonight I'll add more comments into the file and post details of what each function is supposed to do - these things are all to easy to drop by the wayside when getting excited at the pace of programming (or frustrated when there's an annoying bug)

  3. Ignore me - the -z option doesn't create a missing resetarm,dat file - the fix is now discussed here:

  4. The best thing to do with annoying bugs is to comment them out while you get on with the fun stuff :)

    Thanks for the change re resetarm