Monday, 17 January 2011

Coming soon...

Since we seem to have gathered a dozen or so readers in only a few days I thought it might be useful to know what I have in the pipeline.

The next version (1.1) will include:

  1. The ability to process a file (csv?) which will contain a list of commands
  2. The ability to reset the arm to an "origin" position / reference point with a single instruction
If the coding goes smoothly these features may go live late tonight.

Subsequent versions will include:
  • a graphical user interface (windows type interface)
  • better error trapping
  • the ability to teach the arm a series of commands and then have then repeated back
  • A library / module intended for others to call / import and use in their own program.
These may not happen in that order, and I don't know how long each will take.

What other features would be useful/helpful?


  1. Great work! I bought one of these yesterday with a view to getting it working under linux using python. But then I found that you've done all the work for me... So thanks very much.

    I wrapped your python program in a bash script to get the arm to make a cup of tea for me, as a trial. The script takes the brewing time as a command line parameter.

    Video here

  2. I'm glad you've found a use for it! I've just uploaded the next version ( which will allow you to handle sequences of commands in a file directly without needing a bash script!